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Information on the Pesticide Rules

Information on the Pesticide Rules

New Brunswick

The Province of New Brunswick has rules governing pesticides applications that came into force in 2009.  We explain these rules below and how they impact you as a Weed Man customer.

Provincial Rules

Under the rules, lawn care professionals like Weed Man are allowed to use pesticide products, with the exception of any products that contain 2, 4-D, which is banned for professional use.  Lawn care professionals are subject to other rules, including restrictions on the total amount of herbicide (for weeds) and insecticide (for insects) that can be used on a property each season. Application of herbicides and insecticides are strictly monitored, allowing lawn care professionals to treat up to 50% of a property by volume in a season.  Targeted spot sprays are the only allowed application method.  In extreme cases of insect infestation, a special permit can be obtained from the New Brunswick Department of Environment for blanket spraying, and which allows us to cover more than 50% of a property in a season.

Integrated Pest Management

Lawn care professionals are also required to maintain accreditation under the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program and follow the processes prescribed by IPM.  IPM is a systematic decision-making process that takes a preventative approach to controlling pests (i.e. weeds, insects or disease). It requires following proper cultural practices for plant health (such as proper mowing and watering) as the first step in controlling pests.  Targeted pesticides are used as a tool when necessary to control pests based on monitoring of environmental conditions, pest populations and pest damage.   IPM minimizes pest damage while at the same time protecting human health and the environment.  Under IPM, lawn care companies work together with the homeowner to maintain the health of the lawn and thereby reduce pests and the need for pesticides.  Weed Man is pleased to report that we were among the first lawn care companies in New Brunswick to become IPM accredited since the rules were announced.

More information

Further information can be found on the New Brunswick government website at :


Your Weed Man professional can answer questions about these rules and how they apply to you and your property.  As well, we can give advice about how to best maintain your property under the rules and address issues such as weed and insect problems.  If you would like further information, call us at 1 (877) 434-9333 or email us at info@weedmanmaritimes.ca.